Juvenile Criminals: The Horrible Child?

Horrible Histories Conference King’s College London

This paper was recorded at the ‘Horrible Histories? Children’s Lives in Historical Contexts Conference‘ at King’s College London June 2016, which coincided with the launch of the History of Childhood Society (@histchild and https://www.facebook.com/histchild/). Organized by Dr Simon Sleight (King’s College London) and Dr Mary Clare Martin (University of Greenwich). A great conference with a range of great papers – some of which you can listen to here;

My paper  ‘Juvenile Criminals: The Horrible Child?’ demonstrates how nominal record-linkage, of digital records, can be used to uncover the lives of children caught up in the nineteenth-century criminal justice system. Criminal records are an extensive source for learning about non-elite lives in history. While such children will inevitably be tied to the criminal records in which they are found, it is still possible to use these records, coupled with newspapers and civil records, to demonstrate that these children were not only criminals. They also had familial, social and economic lives.

Unfortunately you can not see the PowerPoints – but I hope you enjoy – just remember it is live!

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